2023 Heartland Benefit

Mark Your Calendar!

March 3rd

The Heartland Limousin Association (HLA) invites everyone to attend their annual meeting, banquet and benefit auction. Mark your calendar for Friday, March 3, 2023. The festivities will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Linhart Sale Facility near Leon, Iowa. This event is held in conjunction with the Linhart “Business Done Right” Bull Sale the next day. The banquet is FREE, and it is a wonderful opportunity to socialize with
Limousin breeders from across the country. The benefit auction is the main fundraising event for the Heartland Limousin Association for the year. The money raised on the auction goes to support the salary of the Executive Secretary as well as cover the cost of travel expenses. We do appreciate your support of the HLA!

Handmade Table – A lovely, handmade sofa table with a decorative top (12.5”x36”x27 ¼” tall – Jim Watts, Edgar NE
Shirley’s Famous Apple Pies – Two (2) of Shirley’s homemade apple pies (selling individually) – Shirley Symens – Amherst, D
A – 1 Apple Pie
B – 1 Apple Pie
Quilt – A beautiful, handmade quilt – Ann Vorthmann, Council Bluffs, IA
Metal Sawblade Wall Hanging – A decorative handmade round iron sawblade with a cow/calf in the middle – Dean & Bev Summerbell, Andover, MN
Terry Redlin Metal Tray – A neat round, metal tray with a picture of deer in the middle – Roger & Donna Potter, Braddock, ND
Leather Travel Bag – A beautiful, orange leather travel bag – Emmett & Debbie Edwards – Higginsville, MO
Toy Loader Tractor – A fun gift for a youngster – Casey & Kelly Fanta, Starbuck, MN
Smoked Salmon – Two (2) packages of Roger’s famous smoked salmon (selling individually) – Roger Vorthmann, Council Bluffs, IA
A – 1 Package of Salmon
B – 1 Package of Salmon
Ranchero Earrings – A beautiful set of colorful Ranchero Earrings – Julie Montagne, JLX Limousin, Elk Point, SD
Cabin – A 2-night stay at Killdeer Nook Cabin near Wood Lake, NE – Rob & Brenda Brawner – Wood Lake, NE
Beef Sticks – Three packages of 20 individually wrapped beef sticks from the Harvest Barn (selling individually) – Jason & Amy Boyer – Weldon, IA
Salsa – A box of three (3) jars of mild fruit salsa; peach, red raspberry & pineapple – Jason & Amy Boyer, Harvest Barn, Weldon, IA
Cowhide Purse – A beautiful Myra brown cowhide purse – Amy Boyer, Weldon, IA
Children’s Books – A set of Farm/Ranch Life books written by Amanda Radke – Amanda Radke – Mitchell, SD
Afghan – A lovely purple handmade afghan – just the thing to keep you warm on these cold winter nights – Margie Ritter – Higginsville, MO
Terry Redlin Wall Decoration – A lovely nostalgic scene by Terry Redlin on an oval glass wall hanging – Roger & Donna Potter, Braddock, ND
Door Mat – Handmade crocheted door mat with a cow in the middle – Scott & Elizabeth Edwards, Mayview, MO
Belt Buckle – A vintage silver belt buckle from 1985 – Iowa Limousin Association – Symens Hills Ranch, Sisseton, SD
Pens/Stationary – Hand turned pens, one bur oak bolt action pen and one cherry twist pen with stationary – Duff Limousin, Hampton, MN
Religious Silhouette – A lovely, religious metal silhouette “Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart” – LAG Industries, LaMonte, MO
Wine/Coffee Rack & Goodies – A unique wine/coffee rack with a bottle of wine, wine glasses, a bag of coffee and coffee mugs – Erica Shipman – Omaha, NE
Whiskey Barrel & Goodies – A ½ whiskey barrel filled with “goodies”. Check out the long list of uniquel items included in this donation. – Callahan & Brockhaus families – Centerview, MO
Harley the Bulldog – A large, stuffed Bulldog with a “Harley Davidson Motor Cycles” shirt – Benedict, ND Elevator, Benedict, ND
Drink Tumblers – A set of two (2) drink tumblers, each with a unique saying “Cows Make Me Happy” and “Coffee, Cuss Words and Cows” (the pictures show what will be on the tumblers) – Baier Limousin – Griswold, IA
Show Supplies – A nice assortment of show supplies including a feed pan, bucket, 2 Revive, 1 Volumizer, 1 Smart Comb, and 1 halter – Sullivan Supply, Dunlap, IA.
Puppy – A Border Collie pup (real, live puppy) – Rob & Brenda Brawner, Wood Lake, NE
Coat Rack – Live edge cherry coat rack – Duff Limousin, Hampton, MN
Wooden Tray – A wooden tray with the name “Limousin World” on the front, good for holding the Heart Beat and Limousin 365 magazines – Symens Hills Ranch, Sisseton, SD
Stall Signs – Two (2) set of black, iron stall/farm signs (selling individually) – Jeb Peck, Griswold, IA
A – 1 Set of signs – Steer – 16”x16”
B – 1 Set of signs – Heifer – 12”x12”
Cherry Pies – Two (2) homemade cherry pies (selling individually) – Lowell Hermon, Carlisle, IA
A – 1 Cherry Pie
B – I Cherry Pie
A box of homemade fudge – 6 different flavors – donated by Jason & Amy Boyer, Harvest Barn, Weldon, IA.
Limousin Rye – Two (2) bottles of Limousin Rye Whiskey (selling individually) – aged 6 years – donated by Wally Mart & B.J. Winterding
A – 1 Bottle
B – 1 Bottle
Porcelain Items – Herman and Judy Symens spent time touring Limousin farms in Limoges, France. Their family donated these three items in their memory.
A – A 3-inch square porcelain tray (white with a red Limousin bull)
B – A 5-inch heart shaped porcelain dish (dark blue)
C – A 2.5-inch round trinket box (white with flowers)
Semen Collection – A semen collection and freezing of 200 units – it must be used within the year – Hawkeye Breeders Services, Inc., Adel, IA
Semen Collection – A semen collection – it must be used within the year – Nichols Cryo Genetics, Inc., Maxwell, IA
CTI Tubs – Two (2) CTI Marketing Inc. Low Moisture Cooked Molasses Tubs, pick up at CTI Marketing in Leon, IA
HLA “Showdown” Show Shirts – Highest bidder will have their name printed on the HLA “Showdown Shirts”, worn by all juniors that weekend.
Heart Beat Advertising – Back page in the Heart Beat for five (5) issues (highest bidding price will be for each of the five (5) issues of the paper).
Semen – All semen will be sold in 5-unit packages with the option to double-up.  The semen must bring market value or higher on the auction.Semen
10 Units – ROMN Justice – Treftz Limousin, Wetonka, SD
10 Units – Wulfs Emprise – Bullis Creek Ranch – Wood Lake, NE
10 Units – Any Bull in the Wulf Cattle Bull Battery – Wulf Cattle, Morris, MN
 5 Units – Any semen up to a $40 value – Grassroots Genetics – Ankeny, IA
 5 Units – JBV Yellowstone – Yellowstone Syndicate – Breda, IA
 5 Units – Wulf Hickoks – L7 Bar Limousin, Running Creek Ranch &
                 Wulf Cattle – Pukwana, SD
 5 Units – COLE Genisus – Symens Bros. – Amherst, SD
 5 Units – CELL History Maker – Davis Limousin – Brownwood, TX
 5 Units CELL History Buff – Wieczorek Limousin – Mount Vernon, SD
 5 Units Floyd Mudhenky – Super C Limousin – Altoona, KS
 5 Units Hunt Credentials – Hunt Limousin Ranch – Oxford, NE
 5 Units CELL Heineken – Linhart Limousin & Thomas Farms – Leon, IA
 5 Units Filmore Elevate – Boyer Limousin & Fillmore Ranch – Weldon, IA
 5 Units MAGS Xylopolist – Edwards Limousin – Higginsville, MO
 5 Units ROMN Tuff Enuf – Vorthmann Limousin – Treynor, IA
 5 Units CYWD Jack Frost – Vorthmann Limousin & Woodard Limousin – Treynor, IA
 2 Units of CELL Envision – Vorthmann Limousin – Treynor, IA

If you are interested in bidding or donating please contact Dean or Bev Summerbell. Bev 763-232-9302
Dean 612-963-3799
Call or text with your bid or donation Email:
Dean – limibull@yahoo.com
Bev – bjsummerbell@gmail.com